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December 2017
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Individual Research Articles,

Vocabulary Acquisition and Self-Selected Reading: A Test of the Reading Hypothesis in Singapore
Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew & Stephen Krashen

A Student in Korea Discovers the Power of Reading
Kyung Sook Cho

Reading Science Books for Pleasure Will Help You in Science Class: Chen, Chang, & Yang (2017)

Jeff McQuillan

Teacher to Teacher 

Adapting and Creating Reading Materials for the Elementary World Language Classroom
Suzanne Pesa, Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg & Carla Tarini

Who Invented Comprehensible Input?
Stephen Krashen

Six Keys to Magical Moments in Elementary
Annabelle Allen

Building a Cultural Treasure Trove with the Culture in the Room
Rachelle Adams and Anna Gilcher

How to Organize  International Conference
Judith Logsdon-Dubois

The Power of Home Run Reading
Debbie Harrison

Language Acquisition for Language Teachers
Karen Rowan

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The National TPRS Conference

Command Performance Language Institute

TPRS Academy and Altamira Language Learning

The International Forum on Language Teaching, Cuernavaca

Comprehensible Online, Scott Benedict

Fluency Fast Language Classes

February 2017
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Individual Research Articles, February 2017

Five Sessions of SSR: The impact of short pleasure reading experience on reading attitude

by Kyung-Sook Cho

Interview with Dr. Bill VanPatten at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign

Languages, Boston, November, 2016 by Karen Rowan

Teacher to Teacher 

Non-Targeted Comprehensible Input: How it Works for My Students and Me by Justin Slocum Bailey

TPR Moviemaking “ Comprehensible and Compelling by Mary Holmes

A Middle Schooler Acquires Chinese (Mostly) on Her Own by Pu-mei Lang

Interview with Blaine Ray, Inventor of TPR Storytelling® by Karen Rowan

The Presence of and Demand for Comprehensible Input Sessions at ACTFL, Boston 2016 by Karen Rowan

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May 2016
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Individual Research Articles, May, 2016

San’s Story: The Power of Reading in English as a Foreign Language by Kyung Sook Cho……… 2

The Composing Process and the Academic Composing Process by Stephen Krashen…………….. 7

How Well Do TPRS Students Do on the AP? by Darcy Pippins………………………………………….. 25

Teacher to Teacher

Modifications for Teaching Mandarin Chinese by Diane Neubauer…………………………………….. 35

Three-Book Review By Bryce by Bryce Hedstrom………………………………………………………… 41

Reading Theater as a Reading Strategy: One Perspective
A Beginners Guide by Karen Rowan………………………………………………………………………… 48

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Previous issues:

October 2015
(entire journal)

Individual Research Articles, October, 2015

Measuring Fluency Development In Content-Based Storytelling Elementary Spanish Instruction
by Barbara Anne Cartford, Janice Holter Kittok, and Karen Lichtman………………………………… 2

Can Second Language Acquirers Reach High Levels Of Proficiency Through Self-Selected Reading? An Attempt To Confirm Nation’s (2014) ResultsLevels Of Proficiency Through Self-Selected Reading? An Attempt To Confirm Nation’s (2014) Results by Stephen Krashen and Beniko Mason …….. 10

The Incredible Frog-Boy is on the Loose Again (1): When Adult Second Language Acquirers Read the National Enquirer by Kyung Sook Cho………………………………… 20

Center for Accelerated Language Acquisition (CALA) Test Scores: Another Look at the Value of Implicit Language Instruction through Comprehensible Input by Brian Roberts, M.A.T. and Shelley Thomas, Ph.D. …………………. 24

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Teacher to Teacher 

The Sweetest Sounds: Learning Names and Asking Personalized Questions by Darcy Pippins……………………………………… 40

Very Narrow Listening by Judith Dubois.…………………………………….. 43

Using Second Language Acquisition Quotes with Students by Diane Neubauer ………………………………….. 47

The Growth of Latin Programs with Comprehensible Input by Robert Patrick, PhD …………………………….. 50

Make Any Student The Most Interesting Person In The Room by Bryce Hedstrom ………………………………….. 55

Language Inclusion Lessons Using Comprehensible Input in a High School Setting by Rebecca Moulton ………………………………… 58

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 December 2014
10th Anniversary Edition!
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Individual Research Articles, December, 2014

 CALA Test Scores: Another Look at the Value of Implicit Language Instruction through
Comprehensible Input – Brian Roberts & Shelley Thomas

13 The Lasting Impact of a Short SSR Experience on EFL Teachers in Korea – Kyung Sook Cho

17  Instruction in the Spanish Diphthong: Results Consistent with Monitor Hypothesis – Stephen Krashen

20  A Test of the Effect of Interesting and Relevant Subject Matter on Second Language Acquisition – Ali Isik

24  The Urgency of Promoting Mother-Tongue- Based Education: A Case of Indonesia – Setiono Sugiharto

Comprehensive Index of past Journals

June 2014
(entire journal)

Individual Research Articles

2   Reading And Vocabulary Acquisition – Nina Daskalovska
9   Non-native Speech and Feedback: The Relationship between Non-native
Speakers™ Production and Native Speakers™ Reaction – Nooshan Ashtari

Teacher To Teacher Section:

18   How to use MovieTalk to Teach with Comprehensible Input – Eric Herman
   Excerpts from Ben Slavic™s Stepping Stones – Ben Slavic
28   Practical, Research-Supported Suggestions for Finding Comprehensible Input– Karen Rowan

January, 2014

(entire journal)

Individual research articles:

2    Vocabulary Acquisition through Read-Alouds and Discussion: A Case Study – Meng-hsun Lee, Sy-ying Lee and  Stephen Krashen
7    Can Stories And Self-Selected Reading Slow The Decline In Attitudes Toward English? – Kyung Sook Cho and Young Kim
13    Does Duolingo Drump University-Level Language Learning? – Stephen Krashen
16    Pleasure reading and the acquisition of second language by adult ESL students “ Dr. R. Joseph Ponniah and J. Priya
23    Making Movies More Comprehensible: The Narrative/Paraphrase Approach “ Brenda Murphy and Ashley Hastings

Revised appendix Meng-hsun Lee – not in full journal’s link, no page number

Teacher to Teacher section:

26    MovieTalk: 25 Years Old and Still Going Strong Ashley Hastings
29    Building Community with The Special Person – Bryce Hedstrom
32    What Language Teachers and Learners Can Learn from Nelson Mandela: Ubuntu: I am because we are“ Karen Rowan

May 2013
(entire journal)

Individual research articles:

2    Rosetta Stone: Does not provide compelling input, research reports at best suggestive, conflicting reports on users’ attitudes “ Stephen Krashen
6    Is it possible to improve writing without writing practice? – Rahim Sari, PhD
11   Does SIOP Research support SIOP Claims? – Stephen Krashen
25   Substantial Gains in Listening and Reading Ability in English as a Second Language from Voluntary Listening and Reading in a 75 Year Old Student “ Beniko Mason
28   Overcoming Fear of Reading in English: The Astonishing Impact of a Short SSR Experience “ Kyung Sook Cho
31   Educative assessments for English language learners: The value of increased student writing in science “ Cory A. Buxton, Martha Allexaht-Snider, Regina Suriel and Bruce Gabbitas

Teacher to Teacher Section:

41   New Developments in the Evolution of TPRS“ Blaine Ray
43   10 Ideas for Personalizing the Language Classroom Every Day “ Karen Rowan
45   Is Input More Interesting When It’s About me? – Karen Rowan
46   Do Language Teachers Still Matter?  – Karen Rowan

June 2012
(entire journal)

Individual research articles:

2    Language Parents for Second Language Acquisition – Stephen Krashen
3    Do tests promote changes in listening and reading skills?: Evidence from a Taiwanese EFL context“ Yi-Ching Pain and Tim Newfields
15  Total Physical Response for the Deaf a Totally Inspiring Experience Interviews with Berty Segal Cook and Peggy Blevins “ Karen Rowan
20   The Backseat Linguist “ Jeff McQuillan

March 2012
(entire journal)

Individual research articles:

2    Overcoming Fear of Reading in English: The Astonishing Impact of a Short SSR Experience – Kyung-Sook Cho
4    A Comparison of TPRS and Traditional Instruction, both with SSR – Joseph Dziedzic
8    Developing Academic Language: Some Hypotheses – Stephen Krashen
16   The Affective Benefits of Extensive Reading in the Spanish Curriculum: A 5-week Case Study – Teljer Liburd and Victoria Rodrigo

Teacher to Teacher Section:

21   Embedded Reading: a Scaffolded Approach to Teaching Reading – Laurie Clarcq
25   The Backseat Linguist – Jeff McQuillan

November 2011
(entire journal)

Individual research articles: NO PAGE NUMBERS

Integrating One Hour of In-School Weekly SSR: Effects on Proficiency and Spelling“ Ken Smith
Impressive Gains on the TOEIC after One Year of Comprehensible Input, with no Output or Grammar Study – Beniko Mason
Is Phonemic Awareness Training Necessary in Second Language Literacy Development? Is it Even Useful? – Stephen Krashen & Ashley Hastings
Read More of the Book, Understand More of the Movie – Kyung-Sook Cho
Can We Make English Audio-books More Comprehensible for Second Language Acquirers? – Kyung-Sook Cho

Teacher to Teacher Section:

2     Multistory Construction – Carol Gaab
10   How well do junior high TPRS German students do on the AATG level 2 exam? Answer: Not bad! by Michael Miller

Personal Language Acquisition Reflections:

13   The Monitor Model and Me: A Story of Successful Adult Foreign Language Acquisition “ Alex Poole, PhD
18    A Personal Journey into English through Reading “ Leonie Overbeek

(entire journal)

Current Research:

2    Does Being an L2 Native-Speaking Teacher Influence L2 Use?
by Frédérique Grim
5    A Note on Error Correction: The Effect of Removing One Outlier in Ryoo (2007) – Stephen Krashen
7    Video Gaming: The New Free Voluntary Reading? by Kenneth Horowitz
11   What Successful Language Learners™ Stories Can Tell Us – Alex Poole
15   Incidental Acquisition of Spelling Competence: A Re-Analysis of Pérez Canado (2006) – Stephen Krashen
25   A Corpus-Based Analysis Comparing Vocabulary Input from Storybooks and Textbooks – Ming-yi Hsieh, Fei-yu Wang, and Sy-ying Lee

Teacher to Teacher Section:

34   A New Note About TPR – James J. Asher
36    iFLT, Comments from the Perspective of an Attendee and Volunteer – Laura Friesen
37    Fluency Fast Technique Bank and Analysis Matrix – Various
55    Na™vi Fever – Karen Rowan
57    An Endorsement of iFLT – Karen Rowan
60    Photos and Videos from the iFLT Conf. – Various

WINTER 2009/2010
(entire journal)

Current Research:

2    A longitudinal confirmation of the Interdependence Hypothesis – Pauline Dow, Stephen Krashen, Josefina Tinajero
4    The IRAQ of SSR: What We Need to Know – Ken Smith
8    Research on Hearing Stories and Free Reading in Japan: A Progress Report – Beniko Mason
11   Developing English Literacy through Science Instruction – Cory Buxton, Okhee Lee & Randall Penfield
15    A Decade of Reading Research in Korea: A Progress Report – Kyung Sook Cho

Teacher to Teacher Section:

18    Managing Meaningful Interaction in the Elementary Language Classroom – Carol Gaab
21    Letter from the Editor: An Endorsement of iFLT – Karen Rowan

(entire journal)

Current Research:

2    Traditional and TPR Storytelling Instruction in the Beginning High School Spanish Classroom – Kelly Z. Varguez
12    Determining the Crucial Characteristics of Extensive Reading Programs: The Impact of Extensive Reading on EFL Writing -Sy-ying Lee and Ying-ying Hsu
21    A Comparison of TPRS and Traditional Foreign Language Instruction at the High School Level
– Barbara J. Watson
25   Desire + Attitude + Effort Successful Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language – A Real Life Story by D. Sankary

Teacher to Teacher Section:

28   Top 5 List of New Discoveries This Year: A Few of My Favorite Things – Karen Rowan

(entire journal)

Current Research:

2    Does anyone finish the Berlitz tapes? – Jeff McQuillan
6    Beyond the Monitor Model – Hasanbey EllidokuzoÄŸlu
19   Anxiety is good for you – Stephen Krashen
20   Free Voluntary Reading and the Acquisition of Grammar by Adult ESL Students – R. Joseph Ponniah

Teacher to Teacher Section:

24   Some Reactions to a TPRSTM Fluency Fast Mandarin class – Stephen Krashen
26   Interview with Jim Loewen – Karen Rowan
31   How Not to Travel in Europe – Karen Rowan
36   Facilitating Professional Development in South Korea – Martin R. A. Duguay

FALL 2008
(entire journal)

Current Research:

2    The Expanded Output Hypothesis – R. Joseph Ponniah & Stephen Krashen
4    Bridging the Cultural Divide: Korean Americans Visit Their Heritage Homeland – Grace Cho
12   Personal theories of language acquisition among heritage language speakers – Grace Cho & Stephen Krashen
17    Heritage Language Development: Exhortation or Good Stories? – Christy Lao & Stephen Krashen
19    Do Students Like What is Good for Them? An Investigation of the Pleasure Hypothesis with Middle School Students of Mandarin – Christy Lao & Stephen Krashen
21   VOA Special English “ A Neglected Multimodal Resource “ Bill Templer

Teacher to Teacher Section:

35   Improving Language Acquisition as an Adult. An informal list of brainstorms – Jason Fritze, Stephen Krashen and Karen Rowan
38   What are you reading right now? – Linda Li and Kirstin Plante
39   Access to Books and a Quiet Comfortable Place to Read: A Practical Guide to Establishing a Free Voluntary Reading Program – Jason Fritze and Karen Rowan

(entire journal)

Current Research:

2    Free Voluntary Web-Surfing – Stephen Krashen
10  Grammar Teaching and the Evidence: A Response to Nassaji and Fotos (2004) – John Truscott
23   Is Intentional or Incidental Vocabulary Learning More Effective? – Magdolna Lehmann

Teacher to Teacher Section:

30   Excerpt from How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day – Michael J. Gelb
32   An excerpt from DROP COACHING, How To Coach Other Teachers And Yourself To Teach With TPR Storytelling® – Karen Rowan

FALL 2007
(entire journal)

Current Research:

2    What is Structured English Immersion? Variations on a Theme – Grace McField
23   Extensive Reading in English as Foreign Language by Adolescents and Young Adults: A Meta-Analysis – Stephen Krashen
30   Story Telling Is the Bridge – Fei-yu Wang and Sy-ying Lee
36   A Note on the Rules of Grammar – R. Joseph Ponniah

Teacher to Teacher Section:

39   The Cross-Language Interview/ Interrogation: Dramatizing Students™ Lives in the Second Language Classroom – Steven R. Sternfeld
71   An Introspective and Retrospective Diary Study of Extensive Reading: A Case Study of French Language Learning – Shuhui Hong
78   I+J: How the Butler Can Do It – John Gilbert

FALL 2006
(entire journal)

Current Research:

2    What does it take to acquire English? – Giles Witton-Davies
9    The Utter Hopelessness of Explicit Grammar Teaching – Brenda Murphy and Ashley Hastings
12   A Comparison of Pure Extensive Reading with Intensive Reading and Extensive Reading with Supplementary Activities – Ken Smith
16   The Many Faces of Structured English Immersion – Grace P. McField
25   Making Movies More Comprehensible: The Narrative/Paraphrase Approach – Brenda Murphy and Ashley Hastings

Teacher to Teacher Section:

29   Interviews with voracious readers and prolific authors
30   An interview with Susan Ohanian
33   An interview with Alfie Kohn
35   The Homework Myth Implications and questions for language teachers “ Karen Rowan
38   The Mandarin Offensive: Inside Beijing™s Global Campaign to Make Chinese the Number One Language in the World – Michael Erard

(entire journal)

Current Research:

2    Free Voluntary Reading and Autonomy in Second Language Acquisition: Improving TOEFL Scores from Reading Alone “ Beniko Mason
6    A One-Year Study of SSR: University Level EFL Students in Taiwan “ Sy-ying Lee
9    Is First Language Use in the Foreign Language Classroom Good or Bad? – Dr. Stephen Krashen
10   The Amount of Input Matters: Incidental Acuqisition of Grammar Through Listening and Reading “ Victoria Rodrigo

Teacher to Teacher Section:

15   The Art of TPR Storytelling: It’s My Story “ Blaine Ray
16   Language On the Go: Tuning into Podcasting “ Jeff McQuillan, PhD
19   Concordia Language Villages Makes Arabic Announcement in Washington, DC “ (no author listed)
20   El Español de California “ Jacobo Mir and Carlos Prieto
23   Letters to the Editor

FALL 2005
(entire journal)

In This Issue:

2    Support for Narrow Listening Libraries – Brian A. Caspino
10  Sustained Silent Reading Using Assigned Reading: Is Comprehensible Input Enough? – Sy-ying Lee
13   The Influence of First Language Reading on Second Language Reading and Second Language Acquisition – Haeyoung Kim & Kyung-Sook Cho
17   Lomb™ Strategies for Language Learning and SLA – Scott Alkire

Teacher to Teacher Section:

27   Access to Books and a Quiet Comfortable Place to Read: A Practical Guide to Establishing a Free Voluntary Reading Program – Jason Fritze and Karen Rowan
30   Teaching Grammar with TPRS – Blaine Ray
32   The Language School Leader™s Guide to BASIC Marketing Planning “ Peter Cornish

(entire journal)

In This Issue:

2    Light Reading for Intermediate ESL Students: Adult ESL students react enthusiastically to œteen romances – Kyung-Sook Cho
5    Junk Food is Bad for You, but Junk Reading is Good for You – Stephen Krashen and Joanne Ujiie
13   The Robustness of Extensive Reading: Evidence from Two Studies – Sy-ying Lee

Teacher to Teacher Section:

20   Another Win for Harry Potter: More Evidence of the Value of Free Reading – Bryce Hedstrom
24   The Rainbow of Reading – Amy O™Connor
25   Please Rock the Babies: Casa Hogar, Puerto Vallarta – Karen Rowan
27   Multi-Level Classes with TPRS: Unexpected Gains – Blaine Ray
29   Writing Rubric for Levels 1 and 2 – Joe Neilson
30   Pulling Proficiency Out of a Hat: Magic Tricks Can Be Your Curtain-Opener – Judi Mazziotti
34   List of Spanish Nicknames
35   Silly French Nicknames
36   Student Interest Inventory

(entire journal)

In This Issue:

2    The Poor Quality of U.S. Bilingual Education Research: An Examination of the Logic and Metric of Judgment – Jeff McQuillan
7    Art Class and Beginning English Language Learners: Art Teachers™ Views, Practices, and Educational Background in Language Acquisition – Clara Lee Brown, E. Stephanie Taylor, Emma Gillespie Perkins, Stephen Krashen
12   Second Language Standards For Success: Out Of Touch With Language Acquisition Research – Stephen Krashen
17   The Continuing Problems of Oral Grammar Correction – John Truscott

Teacher to Teacher Section:

23   How to Promote Your Language Program in a Tough Market – Sarah Elaine Eaton, M.A
26   Developing Foreign Language Fluency – Susan Gross
28   The Circus is in Tense: Using past, present and future tenses in early TPR instruction – Michael Miller
32   The Teddy Story: A story about the impact one teacher can make
34   Participation Chart

(entire journal)

In This Issue:

2    The Effect of Adding Supplementary Writing to an Extensive Reading Program: Can the power of reading be increased by adding supplementary writing activities? – Beniko Mason
17   Teachers™ Voices in EFL Teacher Training: Reactions to a Sustained Silent Reading Experience. Does participating in a SSR program influence teacher perception of the value of free reading? – Kyung Sook Cho
21   Applying the Comprehension Hypothesis: Some Suggestions Specific Recommendations to Develop a Multi-level Reading Program Based on the Comprehension Hypothesis – Stephen Krashen
30   Effects Of Heritage Language Competence on Family Relationships Among Children of Immigrants in the United States: Practical implications of the importance of heritage language development to families – Grace Cho, PhD

Teacher to Teacher Section:

39   How Fred Jones: Tools for Teaching works for me: How Fred Jones classroom management strategies in a foreign language classrooms – Shaeron Moorhead
41   Nothing Motivates Like Success: How to motivate students to succeed by promoting success  – Susan Gross
43   How I differentiated with TPRS: Lesson plans and ideas to intertwine TPRS and differentiated instruction techniques – Catherine Leon
47   Preparing for AP exams from Level 1 with TPRS: A step-by-step guide to a TPRS curriculum that prepares students for the AP exam beginning in middle school – Alison Eustice, Amy O™Connor and Karen Rowan
50   TPR Storytelling Advanced Techniques: A collection of advanced techniques by the creator of TPRS – Blaine Ray


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